Frontend Nation 2024

Vite panel

I’m joining the stage alongside the vite core team to talk about the upcoming vite 6


EnterJS 2024

Svelte 5 - alles über die neuen APIs

Simon Holthausen and I gave a preview on the upcoming svelte 5 apis.


JSWorld/VueJS Amsterdam 2024

Customizing vite, it’s that easy

How to customize vite using its config and plugins.

Youtube | conference | slides

Svelte Summit Fall 2023

Svelte Ecosystem CI

Introducing svelte ecosystem ci and how to package svelte 5 rune libraries.


Vite Conf 2023

vite-ecosystem-ci - one year later

Reviewing what happened in the last year with vite-ecosystem-ci

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Svelte Summit Spring 2023

Svelte Inspector Update

Talking about new features and announcing it reached stable.


Jetbrains Webminar

Getting started with Vitest in WebStorm

Watch host Paul Everitt, Sergey Simonchick and myself talking about vitest with WebStorm for awesome DX.


JSWorld/VueJS Amsterdam 2023

Vite Panel

Vite maintainers introducing themselves and answering questions from the audience.


Vite Conf 2022


This lightning talk highlights the value of vite-ecosystem-ci

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Svelte Summit 2022

enhance your DX

How vite-plugin-svelte and friends make it possible to enhance our DX even more

Youtube | repo

Svelte Summit 2021

sveltable vector graphics

Svelte and svg are a dream-team. This series of two talks shows how to use svelte-preprocess-svg, unplugin-icons and unocss to make that even more useful.

Part 1 | Part 2

Svelte-Summit 2020


Introduction to svite, the predecessor of vite-plugin-svelte.